Why should I get a dog license?

In most states an annual license is required for each dog. This small fee offers great peace of mind if your pet is ever lost.   When your dog has a license attached to its collar, its assigned license number allows the dog owner to be found.

At What age should my dog be licensed?

Each state has distinct and explicit laws regarding dog licensing.  You are encouraged to review the applicable laws in your state of residence

Do I have to spay/neuter my dog?

 Exact rules and regulations may differ in your area and you are encouraged to review the applicable laws.  Normally, altering your dog is a personal choice. The fees for unaltered dogs are normally higher than the altered dog fees.  Deciding not to spay/neuter an animal may contribute to pet overpopulation.

How long do I have to get my dog licensed?

  A relatively standard time frame is within 30 days of owning your dog, or within 30 days of moving into a new city, town, county or state.  However, time frame for licensing between jurisdiction varies widely and only by contacting the agency responsible for your area can you be certain of the requirements

Can I license my dog for more than 1 year? 

In many agencies that we represent there are several options for dog licensing.  A dog license may often be purchased for 1 year, multiple years, or a lifetime, depending on jurisdiction.

What will be the Credit/Debit Card Statement descriptor?

  Your Credit/Debit Card Statement descriptor will read Dog License Online.   Please note this, in the event a payment is charged-back or a check is a returned item, we will assess a $40.00 additional service fee to cover the associated costs.

How long until my payment is accepted by the agency?

Immediately after payment is made, it is profiled in our reporting database.  Agency questions can be directed to your individual agency.  Payment information is accessible to each agency online.

Why am I paying a Convenience Fee?  A fee is assessed each time a Credit or Debit Card  transaction is made.  In a retail environment, prices can be adjusted to cushion or absorb the costs of the transaction.  Government agencies are not able to absorb this cost, without raising taxes, due to budget constraints.  DogLicenseOnline.com is an optional service designed to provide a convenient payment option for those who choose to use their credit or debit cards.  The convenience Fee, as described, is assessed to cover applicable costs and to maintain convenience for you.

 How do I know that purchasing a license online is safe?

We use the highest encryption standards and adhere to PCI DSS safeguards to protect your information and make the system safe. 

 How will I know that my payment was made?

You will see a confirmation page with a transaction number after completing the payment process. We recommend you print or save this page for your records.  A receipt can also be emailed to your personal account.

When will this charge be posted to my account?

Normally, this charge will be posted to your account within 10 business days.

If I lose my receipt, can I obtain another copy?

Doglicenseonline.com keeps your transaction history forever.  Refer to our Contact Us section to inquire about an additional receipt.

Please refer to our Contact Us section for additional questions not covered in this section.